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JCV specialises in manufacturing of high quality pier caps, porch columns, concrete letterboxes, architectural columns and landscaping products in Sydney since 1970.
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Terms & Conditions


All JCV products are hand made cementuous and as such should be handled, stored and installed in a careful and professional manner, as any damage occurring as a result of mishandling, inappropriate storage and/or careless installation shall not be the responsibility of JCV PTY LTD.

The signed acceptance of goods on delivery shall constitute the purchaser's acceptance that the goods are in fair and acceptable condition. Goods taken ex-factory shall be the absolute responsibility of the purchaser.

Please note that the ownership of all materials supplied by JCV PTY LTD shall continue to remain the property of JCV PTY LTD until all payments have been completed and cleared.

JCV PTY LTD manufactures its products from only those materials which have been tested and are in accordance with relevant AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS. As these highly compressed cementuous products are a matrix of fine aggregates and cements it is recommended that such porous materials be sealed with an appropriate sealer as are available and specified by various paint and sealant manufacturers.

When it is proposed to use any of the cementuous products in extreme conditions, for example, high or low temperatures or salt exposure JCV PTY LTD should be advised and professional advice sought.